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My Purple Game Boy Color

K.G. Munro

Nights spent playing Pokemon blue
In my poster cladded room
Giggling as I sat in front of my bulky TV
Trying to see my Game Boy screen,
But trying to keep it down,
Before my aunty and her cliff-shaped hair
Catch me out. Playing my purple Game Boy Color.
A plastic and fidgety device, they called it atomic,
1998 slang I guess, but it helped me beat every
gym leader, and eventually the elite four,
Thank goodness for,
The save file I erased and filled up over and over again
Thankfully it never corrupted,
I kept it in my wardrobe and sometimes under my bed
The slight jingle of the synthesized music in my head
Appears sometimes as a reminder of those days
I’ll never forget when I was just a kid,
Playing games on their little Game Boy Color.

K.G. Munro is an author and poet. Here are a few of her writing credits: Indian Periodical, Ink Pantry, Chewers & Masticadores, The Wombat Post, Pawners Papers, Reformed Journal, FreshOutMag, The Wee Sparrow Press, Spillwords, VSANA, Scottish Book Trust, Mad In America, Earthly Comforts, FeversOfTheMind, and Humans Of The World Blog.

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