Welcome to Y2KQ!
Volume 1: Issue 1

From the Editor

Last summer I was writing a draft or two about things that had happened to me in high school/college during the late 90's/early 2000's. Then it hit me that I only had one or two stories to really tell but I knew there would be people out there about my age who had better tales than I. After a few minutes of setting up a domain and socials I did a little more research into what other smaller magazines had done when life picked up and put that on the back burner.

Thanks to the holiday break I was able to get the site up, make a form, and get the word out just in time to open for subs in January. I was worried I would get maybe five submissions but thankfully over twenty came in. That makes this about a 50% acceptance rate not counting those who submitted multiples or off-scope.

I can't thank everyone enough for submitting their work and allowing me to read their most personal stories. I appreciated each and every one of them and it was so hard to cut it down to ten. This project is in it's infancy and it's just me behind the curtain back here.

Thank you again for taking a chance and making this first issue come to life.

- Melinda Wyers

2024 Melinda Wyers